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When people search for CL sites I find it interesting the way Google search engine suggests keywords or topics to visitors. It is interesting because Craigslist Nashville is a hugely popular term, yet when you start to type in “Craigslist Nashville” the first suggestion you get is “Craigslist Nashville TN“. All I can say is go figure ans I’m sure most people realize Nashville is in Tennessee. While there may be of few more cities (actually there are 12) with that famous name in their title, there really is only one main Nashville.

But on to the real reason you use any Craigslist online classifieds site, it is to do some serious bargain hunting for deals that you aren’t going to find anywhere else, even including places like Best Buy, Walmart, Big Lots and maybe even your local flea market. The thing about CL that beats all these other places to find bargains is that you can just shop from the convenience of your computer, you can look at pictures most of the time (I’m not sure why anyone posts a classified of something they want to sell and then they don’t include a picture in their ad) and then you can figure out exactly which items you want to inspect further by going and looking at them.

Another reason that all the other discount sites get beat by Craigslist is that CL is completely free and no matter what you think, even Walmart can’t beat free advertising. While you do obviously buy new stuff at places like Best Buy and Walmart, you can find used items and even sometimes new stuff that people just want to get rid of and you are the lucky recipient. And when they don’t have to pay to post their ads on CL, they don’t have to pass any advertising costs on to you.

While discount stores do offer really low prices on some items, they can’t compete with a seller that has zero overhead on whatever it is they are selling. Let’s remember, even at the local flea market where you find some of the cheapest items around, people that sell stuff there still have to pay a small fee to set up a table. You can place all the ads you want to at Craigslist Nashville TN and you never have to pay anything.

So start shopping and see if you can find that bargain at the price you want to pay that you just can’t find anywhere else.

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